Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Martin Luther Interview For Love is The Hero

What is inspired this collection of songs? Martin Luther: Life inspires my music. I don't fabricate stories. I can ghost write for others but primarily my songs are my stories, my prayers, my fears, hopes and dreams. As a song writer I understand the powerful opportunity I'm afforded to create mountains in the minds of listeners. As opposed to just making a song that can easily get airplay saying something catchy or current but I simply choose to speak from my own heart. Love is the hero is undeniably my truth. What Do You enjoy most about playing live? Performing live is an exorcism of emotional weight, an exploration of enchantments that benefit me and the audience equally. I enjoy opening minds to different thoughts as well as allowing an audience to revisit sounds of the past like when I perform Nirvanas Heart Shaped Box and kids who were not born at the time of its release can enjoy my performance in Cobain's stead. . You've worked with some great musicians who else would you like to work with and why? I don't have a wish list. RAY CHARLES AND Hendrix have gone home so whom ever I am blessed to work with I take it in stride. I recently did a song with BunB and RasKas. Two lyrical legends that I am a fan of. What's the biggest challenge to having own record label? There is no one biggest challenge to being successful in any business. The music industry, like other industries requires marketing and promotion and tons of luck. Ample funding is necessary and Mad amounts of good luck. Building a strong team is probably the greatest challenge. After that it's simply a matter of execution. Sweat every detail

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