Monday, December 31, 2012

En Vogue Can You Hold on?

I think En Vogue needs to get it together. My idea is that they go on Own's Fix My Life for three episodes and work something out. These women are too talented to let it end like this. We were very close to having a new CD this year. They were touring and everything looked like it was on track. Life is too short to let this be it for the best R and B female group. No one could harmonize like this sisters. So, let's hold on and get together funky divas.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dawn Robinson and Maxine Jones form new group

En Vogue is is separated again. I wish they would get it together. They are so bad, no one can touch them as a group. Maxine and Dawn have formed their own groups called Heirs. I wish them success into their new adventure.

R and B Divas Lovin' Me

This song has great message for everyone. It is deep. There needs to be more songs like this on the radio. Self esteem and self respect is so important and needs to be on the airwaves more than folks singing about how much money they have or many women they can pull. Okay I'm done preaching for today.

Lianne Lost and Found

Lianne La Havas is an artist from the UK and she is very talented. I just found out about her, but she is very good.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

T-Boz TV Show

T-Boz will have a new reality show about her life on TLC, of course, starting next week. It will be about her life and music. It should be a fun show. I hope a solo CD will come out soon. She is very talented woman, who has survived a lot in her life.

Janet Jackson and Billionaire Boyfriend Engaged |

Janet Jackson and Billionaire Boyfriend Engaged |

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Martin Luther Interview For Love is The Hero

What is inspired this collection of songs? Martin Luther: Life inspires my music. I don't fabricate stories. I can ghost write for others but primarily my songs are my stories, my prayers, my fears, hopes and dreams. As a song writer I understand the powerful opportunity I'm afforded to create mountains in the minds of listeners. As opposed to just making a song that can easily get airplay saying something catchy or current but I simply choose to speak from my own heart. Love is the hero is undeniably my truth. What Do You enjoy most about playing live? Performing live is an exorcism of emotional weight, an exploration of enchantments that benefit me and the audience equally. I enjoy opening minds to different thoughts as well as allowing an audience to revisit sounds of the past like when I perform Nirvanas Heart Shaped Box and kids who were not born at the time of its release can enjoy my performance in Cobain's stead. . You've worked with some great musicians who else would you like to work with and why? I don't have a wish list. RAY CHARLES AND Hendrix have gone home so whom ever I am blessed to work with I take it in stride. I recently did a song with BunB and RasKas. Two lyrical legends that I am a fan of. What's the biggest challenge to having own record label? There is no one biggest challenge to being successful in any business. The music industry, like other industries requires marketing and promotion and tons of luck. Ample funding is necessary and Mad amounts of good luck. Building a strong team is probably the greatest challenge. After that it's simply a matter of execution. Sweat every detail

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Austin Brown Mixtape Austin Brown nephew of Janet Jackson, son of Rebbie. Austin is a very talented guy!

Solange's "Losing You"

Solange has a new CD coming out next month. Here is the first single.

TIcket Giveaway: Soul Food Comedy Christmas

TIcket Giveaway: Soul Food Comedy Christmas

Upcoming CD Releases

Upcoming CD Releases January 8 True-Solange
January 15th Beautiful-Teena Marie Only Forever_Anita Baker January 22 Back 2Cool_ Kenny Lattimore Let's Talk it Over Lee Fields January 29 Love,Charlie Charlie Wilson J Let's

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Austin Brown Mixtape

Austin Brown,nephew of Janet Jackson, and son of Rebbie, will be releasing his first mixtape on Dec 24. It is called Highway 85. I'm excited cause I've been following him for years. Listen to it here

Jody Watley :"Like A Holiday"

Monday, December 17, 2012

Kendrick Lamar Wants Janet Jackson For 'Poetic Justice' Video

Kendrick Lamar Wants Janet Jackson For 'Poetic Justice' Video: Compton MC begs his childhood icon, 'Janet, c'mon, Janet. No paperwork with the managers, contact the managers. This is artist to artist.'

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Josh Xantus covers "Bling Bling "with R &B twist

Josh Xantus (@JOSHXANTUS) Gives the Cash Money Classic "Bling Bling" an R&B Makeover Rising R&B icon Josh Xantus shines bright like a diamond on "Bling Bling", his newest track inspired by the Cash Money classic. Josh describes the inspiration behind the song: "This song 'Bling Bling' is an original Cash Money record. After hanging out with Birdman, Wayne, Slim and Cee Lo in the clubs in Miami, I felt inspired to recreate the song in an R&B format. This is my tribute to the Cash Money movement and what they have done for music." Josh Xantus - Bling Bling

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm not waiting for Dr. Dre

Okay.. I'm done waiting for Dr. Dre's oft delayed musical unicorn CD known as Detox. Every year we get promised a release date. Several months ago, I got my hopes when the video for I need a Doctor was released. I waited some more and then nothing. One day maybe he will release it or maybe not. Whatever the case I have come to peace with it never coming out. Just don't tease me anymore Dre. No more singles no more videos and no more promises. It has been over a decade of this now. If it does come out, I think it should be surprise. One day it appears on itunes. I do not want to hear about anything about it I have made up my mind. I am having a funeral for this CD. I am sending flowers and it is time to bury it. RIP Detox 2000-2012 V

Marva King's Steppin'

MARVA King is great artist. She's been in business for years, and one of the few singers who worked with Michael Jackson and Prince. She has a voice that is out of the world.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Martin Luther Reworks Sara Smile

Martin Luther,who is a super talent is coming out with s CD of love songs soon. This is a remake of The Hall and Oates classic Sara Smile. ML does it justice and then some. Download

Friday, June 22, 2012

So Alive

Learned about this artist from DJ Come Of Age, who brings to light a lot of great music.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stephanie Mills (Heartbeat props)

Stephanie Mills is one of the best singer ever! I thought I would stop, and give her some Heartbeat Props. Heartbeat props are when you give someone the respect the deserve when they still have a heartbeat. Too often we give props when the person dies. Stephanie starred on Broadway as Dorothy in the Wiz. She came out with several hit R and B Albums. When sings a song the listener can feel it. I think she is one of the most underrated singers out there. I could be wrong,but I've never seen a BET special where they honored this woman.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nas Daughters

I like this joint by Nas cause he keeps it real about the challenges of parenting a daughter. Great message.

fiona Talks about New CD

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Sheep (once you go black..) Gin Wigmore

Heard this song on an episode of a TV show I was watching. I liked the hook. I need to find out more about artist.

Heartbreak and Great CDs

There is a link between heartbreak and the creation of great music. I don't know what the link is exactly,but some artists create there best work after or during heartbreak. Mary J. Blige's My Life, was created when she was in the middle of the drama with K-Ci. A recent example is Adele's work on 21. Oh Pink's last CD was great when she and her husband were not together. I don't wish heartbreak on anyone,but it does seem to be a fire starter when it comes to creating some great work. Have you ever listened to any track from Marvin Gaye's Here My Dear cd? If not, go right now and buy it. Eric Benet's CD when him and Halle broke up called Hurricane was one his best CDs. It was raw and honest. The first Maroon 5 CD Songs about Jane was awesome. This was before they did that "Moves Like Jagger" crap

Eric Benet's track by track breakdown

Eric Benet takes us on a track by track journey through his new CD The One 'The One' Track By Track "Real Love" Embed: 'The One' Track By Track "Waiting" Embed:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Common in The Art of Rap

Common recalls writing his first rap verse and his Hip Hop influences in these special outtakes from Ice-T's directorial debut, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Q Parker of 112 Show You How video

TEASER: Q Parker of 112 offers sneak peak of new video "Show You How" feat Olivia & Willie (Day 26) Take a sneak peak at Q Parker's new video, "Show You How" featuring Olivia and Willie from Day 26 Video: L Grammy and ASCAP award-winning NeWFAM Ent./MALACO Records artist and 112 co-founding member, Q Parker, is making a strong return to the music scene with his new single, "Show You How," from his upcoming album, The MANual. This past Sunday, Q filmed the video for his hot new buzzworthy single. To vividly bring the "love-triangle" storyline to life, Q enlisted help from VH1's "Love And Hip Hop" co-star/Dollaz Unlimited recording artist, Olivia, and former Bad Boy Recording artist (now Atlantic Records artist) Willie Taylor of the MTV "Making The Band" group, Day 26. Representing the respected Fat Cats multi-media production team, the video for "Show You How" was directed and produced by G. Visuals and Randy Marshall respectively. The video "Show You How" will not disappoint with the display of on-screen eye-candy and chemistry between the co-stars. Highly touted rapper, Stalley, of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group, Bravo TV's Personality Chef Roble, and Q's former Bad Boy Recording label-mate, Pam of the group Total, stopped by the Brooklyn set to show love. Q Parker's debut single, "Show You How," is now available via iTunes and Amazon for download. Q Parker THE MANual in stores and online Summer 2012 NeWFAM Entertainment/Malaco Records Unsubscribe me from this list

Elle Varner's Refill

This girl is real. I'm feeling her right now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Every once in awhile there art artists that come out and do not become as big as I expect. Yummy is one of those artists. She used to big in girl group, then she went solo. This joint was one of my favorites from her solo CD.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Timothy Bloom

Awesome new talent. Signed to Timbaland's record label.

CJ Hilton new artist Cold summer

I've been hearing about CJ for awhile, and he is talented singer songwriter check him out.

Tupac and ICE T

Read Ice T's book Ice and he said this how he chooses to remember Pac. Ice is a good read. His insight is great.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jordy Towers "Pretty Monster" new artist

Learn more about this rising star To understand Jordy Towers, to truly appreciate the full force of his singular personality, you kind of have to meet him in person. We hope, for your sake, you get that chance someday. A diminutive, mohawked motormouth with an easy laugh, Towers is instantly likeable. He’s smart, scrappy, and hilarious — with a swaggering, rap-star confidence that might come off as arrogance if it didn’t mask the fact that Towers is essentially an attention-seeking kid from a broken home who pretty much raised himself. Born and bred in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, he was homeless until a few months ago when he signed a record deal with Roma Records/Blackground Records. Towers’ story is intense, and if we tried to tell it all here, we’d be writing a book, not a bio. So listen to the music, because it’s all in the songs the 24-year-old singer and rapper is cooking up in the studio for his debut album.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jon B is Back

Jon B released a CD recently and here is video from it called only one. It is hot.

SWV has new CD coming out

SWV is releasing first new cd in several years,on April 17th! The title is I Missed You and here is a video from CD.

Missy coming back

Missy Elliot is back. She will have a new CD coming out in June. Missy is the last female rapper standing. Oh I hear it already "What about Nicki?" She is not a rapper in the true sense of the word anymore. She is a pop star now. She has more in common with Lady Gaga AND Madonna than Eve or Lil Kim. I'm not hating, it is just the way it is. I'll keep you posted on Missy.

Bishop T.D. Jake presents a Neema Barnette film, Woman Thou Art Loosed!: On the 7th Day opening at AMC Theatres


Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day!- The Greeting from The Potter's House of Dallas on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ice T's new doc coming soon

Ice-T takes us on an intimate journey into the heart and soul of hip-hop with the legends of rap music. This performance documentary goes beyond the stardom and the bling to explore what goes on inside the minds, and erupts from the lips, of the grandmasters of rap. Recognized as the godfather of Gangsta rap, Ice-T is granted unparalleled access to the personal lives of the masters of this artform that he credits for saving his life. Interspersed with the performers' insightful, touching, and often funny revelations are classic raps, freestyle rhymes, and never before heard a cappellas straight from the mouths of the creators. What emerges is a better understanding of, and a tribute to, an original American art form that brought poetry to a new generation.

Film Synopsis:

Brooke Valentine's back

Brooke Valentine is coming back! Ya'all remember the burner " Girlfight"

Check out Brooke's newest video "Forever" which features cameos from her son and DJ Quik. The upbeat track is a celebratory tale about the joys of motherhood!