Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm not waiting for Dr. Dre

Okay.. I'm done waiting for Dr. Dre's oft delayed musical unicorn CD known as Detox. Every year we get promised a release date. Several months ago, I got my hopes when the video for I need a Doctor was released. I waited some more and then nothing. One day maybe he will release it or maybe not. Whatever the case I have come to peace with it never coming out. Just don't tease me anymore Dre. No more singles no more videos and no more promises. It has been over a decade of this now. If it does come out, I think it should be surprise. One day it appears on itunes. I do not want to hear about anything about it I have made up my mind. I am having a funeral for this CD. I am sending flowers and it is time to bury it. RIP Detox 2000-2012 V

Marva King's Steppin'

MARVA King is great artist. She's been in business for years, and one of the few singers who worked with Michael Jackson and Prince. She has a voice that is out of the world.