Friday, July 9, 2010

Aaron Smith's Pretty Girl

What inspired Aaron Smith to take a break from his "Shwayze" ways? A "Pretty Girl" of course...

Aaron Smith

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Aaron Smith
"Love Stoned" mixtape coming soon!
Suretone Records

"I have a side project under my Real name Aaron Smith and a lot of people are asking “Why isn’t it Shwayze”?? Or “Is the group Done”?? First of all the group will NEVER BE DONE that’s how we started and we’ll alwayz be pumpin out Shwayze tunes for you to party to, so no worries there. 2nd I didn’t use the name Shwayze because I felt like this music is a bit different and I didn’t want to throw off the Shwayze fans, because we all know how ya’ll love your WEED and Women!... Somewhere along the journey I fell in love, which gave me a whole new motivation and inspiration. Love Stoned is a product of a lot of different emotions and overall I think its a growth for me as an individual... I defiantly stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned a lot of new things about myself... My advice to people after making this record is don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone because that’s when we challenge ourselves and that’s when we grow!"

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